You like the idea of this project and want to help drive it further? Great, we really got a LOT to do and we appreciate any help. The following are just examples, we’ll certainly find something for you. Just reach out by writing us or join the community channel on Discord!

General software development

Help us improve the structure and quality of our code, contribute to the specification of requirements, implement new features, …

Modeling and Scientific Computing

Integrate new models, algorithms or techniques you have found in the literature.

Quality / Testing / Verification

Write unit tests or compare our code to other sources to find and eliminate bugs and increase reliability.


Write an API documentation or instructions on how to work with our code.


Add new languages to facilitate the use of our frontends for a larger group of people.

Social Media and Public Relations

Spread the word and connect us with possible partners! Also, we need someone to take care of our accounts and fill them with life.


This website can always do with a visual facelift and an improvement of its contents. You want to be an admin? Reach out!

Business Development

Work out options how this project can be turned into a self-sustained enterprise/foundation.

Legal services / patents

Make sure we don’t unintentionally violate regulations or patent claims.