This is us:

Dr.-Ing. Heiko Peuscher is professor for control engineering at Ulm University of Applied Sciences; he teaches systems analysis and simulation as well as scientific computing at the Faculty of Mechatronics and Medical Engineering.
Tim Schrills M.Sc. is researcher in the field of medical human-machine interaction at the University of Lübeck. His scientific work focuses on the understandability and transparency of intelligent systems, for example in context of AID therapy.
Dr. rer. nat. Hariolf Betz is professor for software development at Ulm University of Applied Sciences; he teaches software engineering at the Faculty of Mechatronics and Medical Devices. His research interests include scientific computing and knowledge-based systems.

M.Eng. Carolin Strobel and M.Eng. Jana Schmitzer dedicated their master’s project to the closed-loop simulation of OpenAPS and published their results in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology.
In her master’s thesis, Carolin concentrated on usability of medical devices; Jana specialized on the analysis of algorithms.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. med. Ronald Blechschmidt is Dean of the Faculty of Mechatronics and Medical Devices; his teaching activities include instrument engineering; diabetology. Diabetology has accompanied him since his time as an assistant physician.
Dr. med. Hans-Joachim Lüddeke is an internist and diabetologist, he has decades of experience in the field of diabetes therapy and research. Closed-loop systems have been his particular passion from the very beginning.
Adrian Tappe is a software developer and spends much of his spare time on open source projects related to type 1 diabetes.