1st International Virtual Minisymposium on Open-Source Diabetes Simulation

Wednesday, 14th December 2022, 16:00 UTC

Why join?

In recent years, several open source projects have been published as part of research projects or driven by private initiatives.
It is part of our mission to help ensure that available technology reaches and serves people with diabetes.
By connecting the different stakeholders and creating a community, we want to leverage synergies and help to ensure that the numerous existing ideas are implemented as quickly and effectively as possible and contribute to medical care or scientific progress.


16:00 Welcoming
16:10 Short presentations of existing open-source initiatives
Presenter Project title / description Repository URL
Jinyu Xie Simglucose https://github.com/jxx123/simglucose
Ali Cinar (Illinois Institute of Technology, USA) mGIPsim – A Multivariable simulator of glucose-insulin-physiological variables for people with Type 1 diabetes in Matlab upon request
Husam Ghazaleh (Quincy University, USA) CarbMetSim, a discrete event simulator https://github.com/mukulgoyalmke/CarbMetSim
Xugui Zhou (University of Virginia, USA) An Open-Source Closed-Loop Testbed for Resilience Design and Assessment of Artificial Pancreas Systems https://github.com/UVA-DSA/ContextSafetyMonitorAPS
Julia Deichmann (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) Exercise and T1D: Modeling, simulation and evaluation of treatment strategies https://gitlab.com/csb.ethz/t1d-exercise-adjustment
Lorenzo Sandini (Lappeenranta Central Hospital, Finland) CGMSIM, a real-time T1D simulation for teaching/training purposes https://lsandini.github.io/cgmsim-site/
Heiko Peuscher (Ulm University of Applied Sciences, Germany) LT1 – A modular framework for in-browser AID simulation https://github.com/hpeuscher/loopinsight1
Mohamad Al Ahdab (Aalborg University, Denmark) A type 2 diabetes simulator with web based GUI https://gitlab.com/aau-adapt-t2d/aau-t2d-simulator
18:00 Plenary discussion

Suggested topics:

  • Future collaboration: follow-up event, foundation of a network (formal organization, communication medium / platform, …)
  • Open source – a new code of conduct for research including numerical simulation?
  • Best practice (disclaimers and other legal affairs, funding, …)

19:00 Virtual get-together on Gather Town